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BWI class of 1959 is a microcosm of the excellence for which Liberia’s academic system was esteemed across the continent of Africa. This book is being published at a time when answers are being sought for how to fix Liberia’s education mess. The answers are in this book. BWI was in 1959 and still is today, a trade school. But look how far its students went and how much they accomplished – two pilots, several engineers, several entrepreneurs, an international environmental expert, two lawyers, an agriculturalist, a mathematician, and much more! Members of the class of’59 matriculated to and were trained by top institutions around the world such as Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia, the University of Taiwan, institutions of higher learning in Germany, and even top military institutions such as Fort Benning. The vast majority of the class returned to Liberia to make significant, tangible and lasting contributions to development of their country. The year of this publication makes BWI as an institution 90 years old as it strives to reclaim its former glory, having been patterned after the Tuskeegee Institute in Alabama.